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Impact Hammer (Click to expand)


Sacramento Drilling, Inc. offers Pauselli and Turchi impact hammer rigs for installation of Channel, Pipe and H or Wide Flange beams for various applications.  These machines are capable of installing piles in lengths from a few feet and up to about 14 feet long.

Solar Foundations (Click to expand)


Sacramento Drilling has years of knowledge and expertise in the installation of solar foundations and provides a "turnkey" service. We cover all of California, Nevada and Arizona and experienced with all of the drilling challenges these states have to offer. When you need a partner on your solar project, Sacramento Drilling has the equipment and knowledge to get the job done including Impact Hammer, Vibratory Hammer and Pre-Drilling for even the hardest soil conditions. Previously completed projects include the Spectrum, Gillespie and Kapex Solar Projects. Construction is currently under way at the Copper Mountain 3 project in Southern Nevada.  Combined, Sacramento Drilling, Inc. has been involved in over 500 megawatts.

Continuous Flight Auger Piles (Auger Cast Piles) (Click to expand)

CFA500 In most soil conditions where caving and water are a problem, Continuous Flight Auger Piles are a great solution. Also called Auger Cast In Place Piles, ACP or CFA, these piles utilize a full length, hollow stem, continuous flight auger drilled into the ground. After the continuous flight auger reaches competent material or specified depth, grout is pumped through the hollow stem as the continuous flight auger is withdrawn from the hole leaving a hole filled WITHOUT contaminating the grout with caving material, soil cuttings or water. Reinforcing steel is then quickly placed into the grout (while it is still in a fluid state) to the specified depth. CFA piles can provide a quick alternative where casing or drilling fluid cannot get the job done.

Micropiles (click to expand)

MicropilesSacramento Drilling has officially added Micropile foundations into its tool belt. These small diameter piles are installed using a specialized drill, casing on occasion and experienced field crews. Typically these piles include a high strength reinforcing bar and grouted. SDI is capable of providing the expertise and the appropriate equipment to get the job done.

CISS (Cast-In-Steel-Shell) Clean-out/Soil Removal (click to expand)

ema1CISSCast-in-Steel-Shell piles are open-ended steel pipe piles driven to a specified depth or tip elevation.  These piles are typically found on projects for CALTRANS or CA DOT (California Department of Transportation).  Pile Drivers who install Cast-In-Steel Shell may or maynot include the clean-out or removal of the soil inside the Steel Shell pile.  For the ones that do not, Sacramento Drilling is your solution.  Their competitive pricing and agressive crews will help you win your bid or help you complete your project.  Due to various Steel Shell thicknesses and diameter, please contact estimator Andrew Saint for more information.  A typical CISS detail from CALTRANS is located to the right ---->

Large Diameter Drilled Shafts (Caissons) (Click to expand)

Sacramento Drilling is your Large Diameter Drilling and Casing SpecialistDrilling large diameter holes is not an easy task. Several factors involve drilling large diameter holes to ensure the safety of our crews, subcontractors and clients. Sacramento Drilling has a diverse fleet of drilling equipment and well trained crews to ensure safety, quality and production is held to the highest standard.

Soldier Pile Walls and Sheet Piles Walls (Click to expand)

Soldier PileUtilizing the latest in vibratory pile installation equipment, Sacramento Drilling provides installation services for sheet pile walls. With their heavy duty drilling equipment, SDI is able to install soldier piles where hard drilling conditions are encountered. With these two pile types, there are few places where SDI cannot provide shoring or excavation bracing.

Rock Drilling (Click to expand)

Sacramento Drilling is your Rock Drilling Specialist!In a field as difficult and complex as rock drilling and coring, it is necessary to have the skills and dedication of highly trained operators and ground crew, backed by equipment that’s built to last. From drill rigs to the latest designs in rock augers and core barrels, Sacramento Drilling uses only the newest equipment and technology to complete the most challenging projects. Projects completed include drilling shafts through rock with compressive strength up to 20,000 psi.

Shafts with Drilling Fluid (Click to expand)

Drilling-FluidWhen water is a problem during the drilling process, drilling fluid is sometimes used to control hydrostatic pressures, formation pressures, seal permeable formations and maintain stability of the drilled hole. Our crews are certified by the drilling fluid manufactures for correct procedures and safe operation.

Cased Shafts (Click to expand)

Cased ShaftsIn certain soil conditions, drilling a hole may cause caving or water intrusion.  Casing is a solution that can be provided by Sacramento Drilling.  Utilizing appropriate wall size casing for the soil conditions prevents re-mobilization and delays that can plague a job schedule.  If casing is unable to be installed while drilling, SDI can provide cranes, operators and the appropriate casing installation equipment for the job and soil conditions.

Limited Access Inside Structures (Click to expand)

TESCAR 027 Inside and Limited Access Drilling at Sacramento DrillingDrilling inside structures also can fall under low overhead conditions however can pose other difficulties other than ability to access the work area. The low overhead drill rig is equipped with rubber tracks to minimize impact to the existing floor. Sacramento Drilling has experience working in low overhead and inside existing structures for various applications.

Low Overhead (Click to expand)

Low OverheadNew additions, utilities and other factors can restrict the overhead clearance required for typical drilling rigs. Sacramento Drilling has drill rigs designed for low overhead restrictions and able to pass through openings that are at least 5 feet wide by 8 feet tall. Once through the opening, the specialized drill rig is able to operate in 7 feet wide by 9 feet to 15 feet tall conditions.

Elevators (Click to expand)

Sacramento Drilling is your Elevator Installation Specialist Sacramento Drilling provides turnkey hydraulic elevators service including the installation of casing and backfilling. We cover all of California and Nevada and are experienced with all of the drilling challenges they offer. Rock drilling or coring, a high water table that involves slurry drilling or lose material are no problem for Sacramento Drilling’s equipment and crews.